How to cook an egg in the microwave?

This post is going to be less boring because I’m gonna include some photos.

So the answer to the above question is use a microwave egg cooker. Yesterday when I ended up in a supermarket nearby (this is one of the places I like to hang out),  thinking to buy stuff to eat for breakfast, I came across this egg-shaped gadget in one of the hanging racks. And upon realizing it was only pegged at 1.95 dollars (0.05 dollar cheaper than 2 dollars!), I immediately put it in my shopping cart and went to the egg aisle to grab some eggs to cook with it. Part of the reason I bought this is I miss that boiled eggs that are always available at breakfast back home, and the pantry only has a microwave to cook things (which I’m kinda glad for, because imagine the massacre scene that will happen in the pantry after a group of irresponsibles cook high level dishes with a stove). I also noticed the stall at school which I always buy breakfast from use a kind of egg cooker to churn the boiled eggs they sell. So it is interesting to try.


I was wondering why we could not just put an egg in a container filled with water and heat it in the microwave like that. But the existence of this gadget proves that cooking an egg has been a tricky business that this gadget has successfully solved. So this beautiful Saturday morning I woke up with a boiled egg in my mind (food is really  a powerful allure that can get you out of the bed quickly). I opened the plastic bag and read the instruction carefully.


Instructions: 1. Crack the egg inside the base. The base means the bottom part of the whole  thing (the yellow part). Oh, I even washed it in warm soapy water before use:)


2. Pierce egg yolk with a fork. I don’t know for sure the reason behind this but I guess this is to prevent the heat from accumulating inside the yolk or to get a well-cooked yolk. So being an obedient user, I did.


3. Screw the top section of the egg cooker onto the base. I don’t  really know the purpose of closing this and whether it will be ok to just leave it open. The top section has holes to let the gas that is built up to escape.

4. Place in microwave for 20 to 30 seconds (based on 800 Watt microwave) depending on desired results. Ok, for this part I am not sure how many Watts my microwave is, but 800 sounds a lot so I just set it to the highest heat. And I thought 30 seconds was not enough to cook an egg (you need a few minutes when you boil an egg conventionally on a stove!), so I thought I just let the microwave run for  a little bit longer… before… POP!!! O_o

I was shocked.

The top section had just popped out! I imagined the interior of the microwave, splattered with egg gooey, and I braced myself to open the microwave door…

A nice smell rushed out. Everything was still dry and ok. Phew. It turned out that the egg had been cooked (a little bit too hard rather).


And yeah, here is the photo of me proudly lifting  chunk of well-cooked egg up. You can almost see a mist of smoke wafting up.

I gulped the first spoon of the egg with a sense of satisfaction. The taste is good but it can be better with salt and pepper that I’m gonna bring home from McDonald’s next time. And the texture is a bit too hard and dry. I will make sure I stick to 30 seconds next time.

So that’s it. How to cook an egg in the microwave. My sister is a little bit concerned about the chemical substance from the container that will be absorbed into the egg during the process. May be I just refrain from using this too much. Anyway this thing should be microwave-safe in the first place, we just have to take an extra precaution:(

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