Skitter Skittles

Ok, I was just looking for a word that rhymes and makes a good title with ‘Skittles’.

Few weeks ago when I dropped by the bookshop, I decided to buy a pack of Skittles. There was an array of flavors like original, sour, riddles (flavors not matching with the colors), and wild berries. So I picked wild berries simply because I like strawberry and the like. So there are 5 flavors in the bag: wild cherry (red) – I like this very much, raspberry (blue), strawberry (magenta), berry punch (purple), melon berry (green). skittles I ate the Skittles at a table and there was a bowl containing water (it was to put the Skittle bag in because there were just too many ants on the table. If you are confused, this is how it works: there was a jar put upside down in the middle of the bowl that serves as a platform on top of which the Skittle bag rests. The ants have to be daring enough to swim across the water in order to reach the Skittles).

Sadly a few pink Skittles inevitably dropped into the water… 😦 but because of that I got to observe something interesting. The color dissolved in the water quickly as if I just dropped a blob of pink ink into the water. I quickly grabbed my phone to capture the skittles (yah, quite a few dropped. In fact I added some more on purpose to observe this phenomenon more clearly:P) But more interesting was what I observed after a few seconds later when the water had been clouded entirely. S skittles See what is floating there on top? The ‘S’s were detached but still intact, and floating in the pink solution! Apparently the sugar that made up the letter ‘S’ is not as readily dissolving as the pink coloring. A fascinating fact to learn that day.