I have been generally healthy all the time. Having never taken time off from school because of falling sick is something that I usually boast about ๐Ÿ˜›

But last Friday night my throat felt uncomfortable. It might be due to many things such as eating too much fried food, not having enough time to sleep, feeling worried about piling assignments… etc. ย The night was very torturous as I started sneezing continuously which worsened the sore throat. Watery mucus kept flowing like waterfall, I kept pulling tissues from the box and throwing tissue balls on the floor. I think I could have used fifty sheets of tissue by the end of my sickness period.

Saturday morning, the sore throat developed into an established phase, fever and head ache started creeping in, which was very bad because I had to go to school for the whole day T_T After school I decided to drop by a supermarket to buy a cough syrup because I ran out of one. I grabbed a bottle of legendary Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (you can search on this brand, chances are you have seen it before), because it was the cheapest and first of all is tasty *thumbs up* (Disclaimer! This is not an advertisement, I am not the brand ambassador of this syrup! heehee)

My nose was at night was once again like a water fall at night and I kept sneezing. But the syrup helped appease the burning sensation quite a bit.

The next day I brought the syrup with me to school (yep, the activity was still on until Sunday). In the morning when i woke up, my throat miraculously felt fine but i still wanted to drink the syrup to make sure the recovery process was completed. And at one point of time, I opened the syrup instruction and saw a pleasant surprise inside (which brings me to the main purpose of involving this syrup in the story):

Syrup CartoonA enchanting series of cartoon strips in the instructions! And what’s more fascinating is the variety of cases for which this medicine claims to be useful for: (from top left)

1. Prevent loss of voice in people whose voice is their livelihood. (hahaha so specific)

2. Dryness of throat resulting from late-night to over-night.

3. Get rid of coughs and colds more quickly. (I fell under this category)

4. Ensure the benefils (sic) of an undisturbed night’s sleep.

5. Dryness of the skin caused by lung infections. (this does not really explain the picture haha!)

6. Debititating (sic) coughing, and breathlessness in the elderly.

7. Soreness and dryness of the throat. (I fell under this category too)

8. Irritability caused by coughing and difficulty in breathing.

9. Prevent ill effects of coughing in young and old.

10. Prevent expectoration in children. (I learned a new vocabulary here. You might think expectoration has something to do with expecting or expecto patronum, but the word actually means the action of ejecting phlegm or mucus from the throat or lungs by coughing, hawking or spitting – wikipedia)

11. Effects of excessive smoking and drinking.

12. Sleeplessness caused by coughing.

It was just very unexpected to find this colorful cartoon in a box of a serious-looking Chinese medicine. The sense of innocence felt from reading this was very delightful. I felt entertained and a little bit better just by reading that:)

Thank God, I am back to my healthy self now, being more conscious about health and refraining as much as possible from eating fried food (at least for the time being. Ooops I already succumbed to the temptation of shaker fries a few days ago :P).